About Knowledge Confluence

The Knowledge Confluence is a pioneer organization in the field of Education and Research with an exclusive USP. For nearly a decade of establishment, we have adeptly curated a number of innovative projects and have inspired creative partnerships across the globe. We encourage young learners to aspire while we etch out avenues for them to reach their goals. Besides fostering partnerships with eminent National and International Universities/ Institutions we also play a pivotal role in restructuring the Education System by organizing Conferences, Debates and Symposiums on the same. Also, it gives us immense pleasure to associate ourselves closely with the prestigious platform of IT’S A MATTER OF PRINCIPALS

The world is complex and rapidly changing. Children's lives reflect that complexity. Education must keep pace. Educational experiences inspire a child to develop a passion for learning. These experiences enliven new thinking skills and lay lifetime foundations for happiness, success, engagement with life, leadership and world citizenship.

What we do:

  • Bring first hand knowledge of College/Universities and program options and opportunities to you
  • Stay abreast of constant changes in the fields of education
  • Serve as a connect between the EDUCATION and the CORPORATE WORLD to explore and process best fit placement options
  • Provide or arrange specialty testing and evaluation when needed
  • Coordinate with professionals for necessary inspiration and counselling sessions.
  • Optimize a student's career options and talent development.
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Prof. Ranjit Goswami, Pro- Vice Chancellor

Sharda University

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